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The Symi Gallery will promote international contemporary art here in Symi.
The gallery will offer opportunities to all to participate in its programmes and to enjoy creative activities. In this way the mystique and isolation, which so often surrounds arts and artists, will disappear and our experiences be enriched.


H πινακοθήκη της Σύμης θα προωθήσει σύγχρονη διεθνή τέχνη εδώ στη Σύμη.
Η πινακοθήκη θα δώσει την ευκαιρία σε όσους συμμετέχουν να απολαύσουν την δημιουργηκότητα, και να εμπλουτίσουν τις εμπειρίες μας γύρω από τη τέχνη ούτως ώστε ο μηστικισμός και η απομόνωση που συχνά περιτυλίγει τις τέχνες να εξαφανιστεί.

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Symi Art Gallery

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Symi Art Gallery

We look forward to welcoming you. New Photos of the workshops will be appearing on our Facebook page. You can also track our progress through the two most popular blogs on Symi at the Symi Visitor, and Symi Dream.


Winter Art Lessons

The Symi Gallery in partnership with the Women's Association of Symi, will be hosting a series of Art Lessons during the winter months of 2013-2014. The Lessons will be covering all aspects of colour, compostion, and technique and is open to both children and adults. The courses are provided by the Symi Gallery Director, and local artist Haycox.

Symi Art Gallery

The Lessons will take place every Saturday at the Cultural Centre between 3.30pm-5.30pm for the childrens workshop, and 6pm-8pm for the adult workshop. For more information please email us, or phone: +30 6946717851.

A price is set for each individual attending the lessons, and the cost includes all materials.

Symi Gallery


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The Symi Gallery opened in August 2009 on the Island of Symi, Greece. If you are an artist, and would like to enquire about exhibiting, please email us.


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Symi Gallery

Latest photos of Winter Art Lessons

1 Year Anniversary Exhibition



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